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people: you're so quiet, like you don't talk
me: I talk, just not to you
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Guys, if any of you have any triggers you want me to tag please tell me. 

  • I don’t care if it’s embarrassing
  • That’s why anon exists
  • I will literally tag whatever triggers you have
  • Especially if it’s a phobia 


New rule: If you see someone post a selfie just hit the like button it’s a real confidence booster and a good deed pass it on 

Ultear & Meredy | Edited By 

❝You like to write. It’s the single most important quality for someone who wants to be a writer. But not in itself enough.❞

—Haruki Murakami (via writingbox)
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…the one you will answer to doesn’t have to be me.

Kʏᴏᴜᴋᴀɪ ɴᴏ Kᴀɴᴀᴛᴀ ᴇᴘ3Mirai versus Sakura

Anonymous: Hey, I loved Bloodlust! And the ending with it being Juvia and Gray's past life was really cute. Also I'm not sure if I got this right but Juvia is a human now, correct? And was Gray still recovering 7 years after the accident?

I’m glad you liked it!


Spoilers —

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15 Days of Noragami

  • Day 1: Favorite Male  Yato

[Bloodlust #7]

I am so sorry for the wait! With Easter and other personal things coming up I just had no time to finish this. Also, Microsoft Word decided to crash on me so I had to install a multitude of different programs to work with until I get back to England. Then a poetry assignment was due in and just, aahhh, these past ten days have been horrendous. I’m very sorry! I had a lot of this written up already but I wasn’t quite sure how to explain everything. I wanted to twist the prompt because otherwise things would have been extremely obvious. Here you go. This isn’t the end of our vampire lovers, however. If you want to see more of them (for example, the months that were passed by, and some of the other couples, feel free to drop me a request here or on ff.net. I’ll be posting one-shots to Bloodlust: The Chronicles).

Read all chapters: HERE.
Read on FF.NET: HERE.

Chapter 7: Forever

"Uncle Gajeel… why does Mommy only let us come here once a year? I want to play by the lake more often. It’s fun."

Behind strands of blue hair, a small girl peered up to the large male. He laughed at her question, ruffling a set of fingers through her hair. The way he looked at her was beautiful, there was a fondness to his gaze that couldn’t be beaten. She lifted her hands in protest, desperate to fend him off. But of course she couldn’t.

"Today’s an important date, that’s why. This place holds a lot of memories for her, today marks an important event that happened right across this lake. You’re old enough to understand why now, why don’t you ask her yourself? Oi, don’t make that face. If you like the lake so much why don’t I throw you in there?"

She squealed in response to that, shaking her head so furiously that the curls framing her cheeks whipped about her, shielding her face from view.

"I was old enough last year, too! She always says ‘I’ll finish it next year’."

Crimson hues dropped to hers, a smile forming on his countenance. He ruffled her hair more before pulling back to look at the woman in question. Juvia stood at the edge of the aforementioned lake, ripples danced across the surface, the occasional duck swimming past her. Their incessant quacking gave her peace of mind, shattering the thoughts that plagued her. The wind pulled at her hair, the hem of her dress fluttering gently with the breeze. She didn’t move from that spot. Beyond the lake the remains of a building she knew all too well sat perfectly in view. Nothing more than rubble now, ruins that tourists would visit on the occasion.

They’d tell stories of the infamous Academy. The place where Hunters and Nightwalkers perished in the eternal flames of hell. Even now Juvia could see the smoke rise. She could feel it fill her useless lungs. Those thoughts were destroyed when a small set of fingers latched onto her own.

"Mommy, did that place really used to be a school?"

Juvia nodded, squeezing the fingers of her daughter gently. She’d always treat her like fragile glass, something that might slip between her fingers and break if she didn’t take care of her properly.

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I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never watched the Fairy Tail movie and I haven’t seen half of the anime. xDDD

NaLu personification [] Inspired by this.

Matsuoka Siblings + Expressions