Forgotten Whispers
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You didn’t think Natsu’s first proposal went smoothly, did you? 

It was a cold day.

The wind rattled at the window of Lucy Heartfilia’s apartment angrily, as if it knew the two people inside were indifferent to its rage.

Most people would say that this kind of weather was perfect for a hot water bottle. Lucy would say it was perfect for a Natsu.

"It’s just one of those days, you know?" She sighed. "If it were my birthday then I’d wish we could spend the entire day right here." 

"Sounds like today is your birthday." 

"Eh?" She peeked up at him from her perfect spot under the blanket that had been heated especially for her, by a pair of expert hands. The same pair that was now loosely draped around her torso.

"We’ll simply stay here. Easy!" He grinned.

"But you said you really wanted to go on a job! And the rent…" She shuddered despite the perfect temperature.

"Yeah, but that was before I found this perfect position in which everything is comfortable and warm and I can do this." 

He bent his head to rub his nose against hers. She wrinkled hers against him and grinned.

"You know what, you’re right. There’s only one thing that could make this better." 


She chuckled. “Exactly. And not just any food.” 

His eyes lit up. “You mean…you bought…” 


With a grin, she wriggled herself free from his embrace and got up, draping the still cuddly warm blanket around her shoulders like a cape.

She knew he only let her go because of what her journey into the kitchen would bring his way.

When Lucy reached the counter, it took her a good while to get a hand out of the burrito-like blanket without dropping it.

Natsu snorted, but she pretended she hadn’t heard him. That was a triumph she would not let him revel in.

She stood on her tippy-toes to reach the top shelf - the one where she tried to keep the best treats away from Natsu’s never-satisfied hunger.

Oh god, we’re like an old married couple.

She turned around, a box of ‘the most delicious ever’ dragon cookies in her right hand.

"You don’t think we’re turning into one of those boring couples, are you? You know, the ones that always stay at home and start knitting scarves for the day they have grandchildren while maybe playing an exciting game of memory." 

He laughed.

"Pah! We can do that when we’re married." 

When he received no response, he looked up - to find her staring at him wide-eyed and blushing. 


"Well…" He cocked a brow. "I thought it was obvious."

Her jaw dropped.

"That’s…that’s…" She had turned a flaming red, which had nothing to do with the blanket this time. "That’s just not how you ask a girl, you loser!!"

"Aww, Lucy, don’t tell me you don’t wanna. What was that yesterday?" He pouted his lips and delivered what was - in his humble opinion - the perfect Lucy Heartfilia imitation. "Oh Natsu, I love you so much!" 

"Oh no you didn’t! That’s not how I said that! And you’re leaving out that part of how you reacted, Mr. Redder-than-his-flames. And what we did after!” 

He grinned at her cheekily. “I don’t remember that. You’ll have to remind me.” 

Lucy put down his favourite treats on the counter and stomped over towards him. Her hands were on her hips as she glared down at him, but her eyes betrayed her demeanor.

"Natsu Dragneel, you are impossible." 

Giddily, she hopped onto the couch and right between his legs. He still had a sheepish smile etched onto his features, but it quickly disappeared when she smashed her lips against his.

His arms snaked around her immediately, and after a good old long-term snogging session, they rested their foreheads against each other in complete satisfaction and bliss.

"You know I’ll kill you if you don’t propose properly."



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Erza Scarlet ~ requested by ~ aetherreise


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Lets go on an adventure!



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Wendy and Carla as ballerina’s~ 

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